Monday, February 6, 2012

“Sounding Out” for children's literacy

           To promote young children’s reading ability, teachers, parents, and children use “sounding out” strategy. Because “The cultural model of “sounding out” involves the meanings of texts and the structures of language (p. 442),” it is very good and important instruction for children who just start to read. According to Compton, children can use sounding out words as two different ways. First of all, children isolate sounds letter by letter and then combine together. Secondly, children can use it as putting word parts together.
           Once children learn “sounding out,” they will be a good reader. However, children should practice it a lot with teachers, parents, and themselves. In this case, family’s support is really important because family is one of the most influence things in children’s lives. According to Compton, when parents daily practice “sounding out” with their children, children become better and more fluent. When children are familiar with “sounding out,” they can be a good readers and have confidence of reading.

Compton, C. (2005). "sounding out". A pervasive cultural model of reading, 82(6), 441-451.

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