Monday, February 27, 2012

Why adjectives are important?

           Children have a lot of chances to read books and write journals in their lives. For reading and writing, children learn to think deeply and they learn what sentences make good meanings. When we write sentences the most important facts are nouns and verbs. We have to use them when we write sentences. However, if we want to write better sentences, we use adjectives and it is quite important.
           The reason adjectives are important is that adjectives describe nouns and make sentence more meaningful. For example, there is a sentence without adjective.
She has a bird.
This sentence is grammatically perfect but it sounds really unfriendly and too formal. However, if we write, “She has a colorful bird,” or “She has a beautiful bird,” listeners or readers feel more comfortable.
           As children learn more about writing, they start to use adjectives and teachers should teach them how to use it in good ways. Because adjectives often tell and relate with story, it should have appropriate meaning for the story. If the story is very sad, children should use some words that relate to the flow of the story.
           Like our reading article, making prediction would be a good practice for learning adjectives. As children think about words, they will learn more new words and meanings. Also, teaching some words that have same meaning but have different spelling might be good strategy for children.

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