Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Favorite Media Characters to Children

           Children love to show and present what their favorite media character is to their friends and people around them. So they often bring stuff that is related to the character in their class. However, should teachers allow them to share their favorite characters in class?
           Having favorite media characters and presenting things are important to children for improving children’s cultural literacy knowledge and concepts. As children have their own favorite cultural characters, they can use it for many things. Children can do sociodramatic play or puppet shows in class. Because children also can share their cultural resources with peer, other children can learn different cultures and can have opportunities for comparing similarities and differences with their own cultures.
           After I read the article, Reclaiming Play, I have an idea for my future classroom. I will have “My favorite media character Week” in my class. At that time, children will share their favorite characters with peers and we will discuss about it. Children will enjoy that time.