Monday, February 20, 2012

How children interact with their reading?

There are a lot of great children’s books and as children read the books, they have opportunities for interacting with the reading. Then, how teachers should address children have authentic interaction with reading? Reading plenty of books does not mean that it give meaningful messages and experiences to children. When children really interact with texts, they authentically understand what they read.
- Lead children to think out aloud and then to read aloud
: In this part, children will think inside children’s head and mind and then connect to mental images. As children use their imagination, they will develop prediction and imagination skills.
- Use each child’s previous background and knowledge
: As teachers do this, children will easily connect with their reading. Because children are still young, they sometimes have hard time to understand about stories or texts, however, as they think or remind their experience or knowledge, it will give children to well interact to their reading
- Teach Text-to-Self Connection
: It’s important because children can focus on books as they build connections with themselves. For example, in the book, there is a girl who lost her favorite teddy bear and she is very sad. If a child read the book and s/he remembers when she lost something that belonged to the child, s/he will understand what it the feeling like.  
 - Lead children to think through the text together
: Children will share what they think about books that they read with peers and teachers. In this part, teachers can survey about each child’s thought or connections about the book and make chart. Then, discuss about which child’s information is useful to them. They will learn other’s different and new thoughts from this activity.
- Teach Text-to-Text connection
: As children and teachers connect from one book to another book, children can be enhanced making new stories or making prediction. In this part, children will also learn “Stop and Go.” Instead of reading whole book at a time, teachers lead children to stop during reading and discuss about what they have read and what it is going to happen next page.

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