Monday, January 23, 2012

Community Literacy Dig: Kroger

           For my assignment, community literacy dig, our group went to Kroger, a grocery store. When I got there, I firstly could see Kroger sign. Our group thought Kroger would be good one for children to explore their literacy world and have unique experiences. In Kroger, children easily could see environmental prints or words with real things. For example, when children see a word “apple,” they also can see all kinds of real apples.

            Children also can learn how they can find things as they see categorized signs. The categorized signs will help people find things that they want to buy. For example, when children want to buy some candies or cracker, they should find where the “candy, cracker” sign is. For instance, children drink milk and milk can be found in “dairy” section. So this will help children develop association skills.
           Next, children can learn about price and it is one of the important things for children’s literacy. Children recognized numbers as prices.

           Finally, Kroger has a lot of advertise signs so it is a great way for children to read literacy there. Because those signs are made in very unique, interesting, attracting ways, children easily can focus about the signs.  

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