Monday, January 16, 2012

The Arrival by Tan

           When I watched the video, The Arrival, I did not fully understand what the story is. However, I watched it again; it was a story about immigrant. After I understood about the story, I had a different positive and negative opinion.
           Firstly, I really liked the illustration and it was beautiful. When children read the book or watch the video, they will be impressed about its illustration. Because the book’s background is the old, the brown ton of the color is very suitable with the story.
           I also liked the video’s background of music. It there is no music, it could give people to feel empty. When I watched the video, I felt the music also told me the story.
           However, in my opinion, it could be a bit hard to understand for young children. I think before teachers introduce the book, s/he should explain about immigrant and its history. Because a lot of young children do not know about what the immigrant is and why people immigrated in the old time. So they should have some knowledge about it before they have the book.

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