Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Every Child Is Unique

Every child has their own characteristics in their preference of genre of books, learning styles, connections, and so on. Children could learn literacy from books with voice and books with illustrations.
Voice has a power for children’s literacy because it has tone. When children read books with hearing narrator’s tones, they can be attracted and focus on the story well. Also, children can read aloud books and they can hear their voice. This is another great way of using voice for early children.
The other way children can be attracted to books is having illustrations in their reading. Illustration books are so important to children because children often READ illustration. There are a lot of book with great illustrations and less text and children actually loves those kinds of books and still understand the story of the book.  
As children have two options, they can have the extra works such as connections (about personal, previous knowledge) to the book, predictions, evaluation (about books, characters), learning new words, dramatic play, and so on.
For helping children to have better ability and interest, respecting each child’s learning styles so children can have confidence. Also, showing positive feedback and appreciation can lead children to have self-esteem and accomplishment. Remember! Teachers should interact with each child individually because it will be more effective and beneficial for developing children’s literacy abilities. 


  1. Teachers need to be encouraged to interact with each child, individually, every day. There is no better way to understand our children than to spend quality time with them. Literacy is a perfect way to obtain a personal experience with a child. Great point.

  2. Providing a variety of books with different types of voice can give children a sense of how text can be used in different ways. This can also be a great way to inspire early writing - early reading and writing connect so well!

  3. Although children are young and do no have a lot of world experiences, they are still very able to decide what they like and what they do not like. Children have preferences, likes and dislikes and this comes through very clearly when they are trying to read and learn literacy. If they are able to connect this to something that they like then it will make it easier for them to learn.

  4. It is so important for teachers and parents to encourage children during their literacy development and praise them for their accomplishments. This self-confidence contributes to their life-long love of reading!

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