Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How can children express their language?

Language can be defined in many ways. In my view, the purpose of using language is that we want to communicate with others and express our feeling and thoughts. Likewise, young children also use language for expressing content.  Children’s language may be carried in oral and written language.
The oral language is the first expressive system and also a great way of communication for showing children’s thinking. Children’s language has meaning with “sounds and sound combination” or “words and word combination.” Children often may express their language with gestures facial expression, too. They learn language as they observe, notice, and copy their mothers, teachers, or other adults. When caregivers try to communicate with young children with language, they should pay attention to what they try to say because their oral language is unique.
In the written language part, as children are getting older, they a lot of time express the meaning that children want to carry. Children firstly start to write basic things, for example, their name, “mommy,” “daddy,” In our class, we read a textbook, “i already know how to read” by Martens and read about Sarah. She is a great example for the children’s written language. She all the time wrote sentences in her unique way and draw pictures.
            The most important thing in my reading even thought there are two ways for expressing children’s language, we should think about the connection between oral language and written language. In the classroom, teachers should practice some activities for connecting between talking and writing/drawing.  For example, children may be asked that they choose one of their happiest memories and re-tell the story. Then, they also write and draw based on their own story. 


  1. Being able to use language is an important skill in our society. Young children are learning how to be social through using language. Young children communicate in several ways. They are trying to find successful ways to express themselves. Literacy develop gives children new skills, which allows children to express their ideas.

  2. Connecting language with literacy is definitely an important aspect of a child's development. It helps them learn to express their unique thoughts and ideas to others. Teachers can help children develop this skill by asking them questions about their writing and drawing, and engaging them in conversation about texts.

  3. Making a connection between talking and writing is a really important thing. I haven't really thought about that until now, but it is something that children must learn in order to fully understand what writing and reading is. A lot of the time, words look so foreign because kids are unable to make the connection between what they are seeing and what they are saying. Making this link can greatly help in teaching children how to read and write.

  4. I really liked your point about connecting talking and writing or drawing. There are so many forms of literacy, many of which are not recognized in the classroom, and creating a multimodal environment can be really beneficial and help teachers to reach all students and allow them to make stronger connections.